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Pear Tree Property Management Practical * Personal * Proactive


Your Real Estate Investments Are in Good Hands

Welcome to a new way of managing where we maintain and upgrade properties, build relationships, and focus on long-term growth. Our job is to protect properties and support renters by promoting communication and activities that address the needs of each without sacrificing courtesy or value.

Specializing in student rentals around CU Boulder, Pear Tree Property Management staff work with investors, students and parents to buy, sell, lease and manage properties. We work to ensure your property's appearance and amenities stay current with its competitors, striving toward a marketable, attractive asset with low to no vacancy period.

Pear Tree Property Management

Whether you’re purchasing or selling a rental property, it’s vital to have a realtor who understands the local market, the property types in the area, and the tenant base with which you may interact. We’ve worked with investors and parents to purchase and sell properties in the area, and with a strong background in managing properties, can provide you with information not typically available to brokers who work throughout the state.  

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Want to purchase a place for your student to live while studying at college? Are you an investor who wants to acquire properties to round out your financial portfolio? Pear Tree will partner with you to find suitable housing and make sure the property stays in great shape while maintaining solid relationships with your tenants.


Are you looking for renters to lease (or pre-lease) your rental property? Pear Tree handles the leasing and management processes for you with efficiency and professionalism.